She’s got a new spell

11 02 2009

It happened again. Again on the train (tho’ not at midnight): time-warp backwards.

This time it was a Sundays song, ‘Here’s where the story ends,’ and I flew back to high school, not college.

I didn’t listen to the Sundays in high school. I doubt I knew who the Sundays were. So the question is not Why was I pulled back, but why too far back?

Maybe because that song reminds me of a type of song, (post) new-wave (ish) Euro alterna-pop (got that?) that was a fixture of early MTV. The Sundays. Cocteau Twins. Berlin (mebbe). Nena (definitely). Kinda synth, kinda sad, kinda odd.

And then I remembered: the AFS students! AFS was the local student foreign exchange program, and SmallTown was very active—a center for the region—so AFS students stationed elsewhere would occasionally gather in SmallTown. I remember meeting one Danish girl, and was so impressed with her. She seemed very confident in herself and what she wanted, and while somewhat detached, was not unkind in her observations of the US in general or the state in particular. She seemed. . . sophisticated, mebbe? Worldly—definitely.

I wanted that worldliness. It was my last year of high school, and amidst all the general partying, what I wanted more than anything was to Get. Out. I wanted what was beyond, whatever was beyond. There had to be something more, right? Weren’t these students, with their different names and different languages and different lines of sight evidence that there was something Out There?

I’m sensing a theme. . . .



4 responses

11 02 2009

You can’t leave the city, you just signed a lease! 😦

But seriously… sounds like great things just ahead.

They should send foreign exchange students to every small town in America. Let people know there’s a bigger world out there. It helps with the battle against authoritarianism (about which I’ve been reading, obviously).

12 02 2009

I don’t think these ghosts are sending me onward, but telling me to look around me, now.

I have been too long waiting for the something more. And now I have a piece of it: my own apartment in New York City—and it’s real, not just the imaginings of a small town teen.

Is the something more here?

12 02 2009

Good call. 🙂

24 02 2016
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