Janey’s got a gun

7 03 2009

A nine-year old rape victim, pregnant with twins, received a waiver from the Brazilian government to obtain an abortion, which was performed Wednesday.

The Catholic Church, which had intervened to try to prevent the abortion, responded by excommunicating the girl’s mother and the doctors who performed the abortion.

Archbishop Jose Cardoso Sobrinho declined to excommunicate the stepfather who raped her (and is suspected of raping her sister), noting  that  ‘He committed a serious crime, but . . . there are many other serious sins. Abortion is more serious.’

Do I let loose with any number of observations and cutting remarks about the church and women, the church and rape, the church and. . . mercy?

No, I think this unspeakable story speaks for itself.



4 responses

8 03 2009

I’ll say it. Fuck the Church.

Reason #5,409,223 why I am not a Christian.

9 03 2009

No shit.

I hope this leads to an exodus out of the God-damned church in Brazil—because if there is a God, I sure as hell hope She’s on this girl’s side rather than that of the One True Church.

9 03 2009

Here you go:


That’s for the US, anyway.

9 03 2009

Gotta love how the evangelicals are counting on bad times to lead folks back to the pews. Now that’s integrity!

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