We’ve got Trouble

9 07 2009

He’s lucky he’s cute.

Little bastard bit me on the nose this morning.

Perhaps I should have named him ‘Trouble’. Or ‘No’. Or ‘NoBiting!’ or ‘NoGoddammit!’

(Bean’s name for a time was BeanGoddamit!)

My entire body is apparently a chew toy, and everything in the apartment can be pressed into service for play.

Except, of course, Bean. Bean puts up with nothing.

Perhaps I should develop a convincing yowl and hiss.



One response

10 07 2009

A good loud shriek cured my kittens of face-biting. Still, a pawful of needle-sharp claws would’ve been a handy tool for me to have, during this phase of their kittenhood.

Aw, but look at that sexy come-hither look. As a friend of mine used to say, how can you twist the head off of that?

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