It’s a rich man’s world

15 09 2009

The Dean is the problem.

The Dean—who almost certainly doesn’t have to wait until the next pay period to buy an unlimited metro card, or refill his prescription, or hit up Target for some basics—apparently has a chunk of PAFs sitting on his desk, just. . . sitting there, waiting for his signature.

Almost fifty of us won’t get our regular paychecks until October 8. Then, of course, with the tripling of our usual gross pay, we’re at risk for getting taxed as if that 3X paycheck were our regular checks.

Happily, the woman in charge of payroll (who nobody deigned to inform of the problem), told me that I could get an advance on my Sept 10 paycheck this week, and an advance on my Sept 24 paycheck on the 24th. It’s not for the full amount, unfortunately, but it will pump some blood into my bank account.

Furthermore, The Woman in Charge had the right attitude, when I mentioned that the Dean was the source of the problem. If I could halt their direct deposit for a couple of pay periods. . . she muttered.

Then she told me that she’d help me avoid the tax whammy by altering my deductions for the October 8 paycheck, then switching it back to my regular deduction for the next pay period.

I like this woman.



3 responses

18 09 2009

To my mind, this is essentially the very same problem with the health care debate.

People who never have to worry about getting their meds and getting their tests (aka: members of Congress) often have a hard time understanding those that have a very big problem with it indeed.

They need to develop, in the words of wise woman Kim McLarin, “a sociological imagination — the ability to link individual experience with greater societal patterns and with the course of history.” She was talking about white folks of good will who think that we live in a post-racial society because they are, personally, always nice to Black folks — but it’s the Truth no matter how you apply it. I think that here, it applies to your Dean!

Good luck…! God that sucks!

19 09 2009

It is too bad that some people think they are too important to take the time to take care of those who are counting on them. I agree with emilyhauser that we have a lot of people who have no idea of how most of us live.

19 09 2009

Here, here.

it’d be great if they could understand—but at this point, I’d be satisfied with them merely DOING THEIR JOB.

Then again, maybe competence is a standard to be wielded only against those below oneself. . . .

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