They’ll give me cooties!

21 10 2009

The Roman Catholic Church has offered those Anglicans (Episcopalians to us ‘Merkins) too freaked out at the prospect of women and hom’sexuals donning the collar and/or otherwise presuming full communion with their fellow congregants a safe passage into the land of the Christian patriarchy.

Yet another reason why free women should strongly support full equality for all queers—after all, even straight chicks are queer when they act as if they matter.



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22 10 2009

I have to admit when I read this news, I just went: “Whaaa…? Your big draw to people is that there are still some folks that you hate?”

I imagine it’s a good thing that I can still be surprised by badness. I suppose it points to some sort of purity in me. Or something.

22 10 2009

It always blows my mind, the things people get freaked out about. Why is it that some get all bent out of shape about gay marriage, but are (apparently (I hate to generalize a large population too much)) fine with wars, homeless, uninsured citizens, etc.? It confuses me.

22 10 2009

I am, unfortunately, not surprised by any of this.

On some very basic level, I don’t get it—just as, on a very basic level, I don’t get racism and antisemitism (not that I’ve never been prejudiced, but that’s another post)—but surprised? No.

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