There must be some way out of this

2 12 2009

And yes, I listened to the speech.

Can’t say I was impressed, but I didn’t think I would be.

Obama—all of us—have inherited a shitstorm in Afghanistan, and there’s no good damned way out of it.

Stay, and people die. Leave, and people die.

It didn’t have to be this way, but now, it is.

Is the President’s decision to pour it on the worst, or simply the least-worse, option?

I don’t know. I think nothing good will come of this, but, again, good evaporated some years back. Maybe this is the best that can be done to fend off the bad.

Sorry, this analysis lacks actual analysis. Sorry, I have only dread and bitterness.

At least he set a deadline.

We play that we’re actors on a movie screen

2 12 2009

I have to get rid of my computer.

I’m not going to do that.

The internet, then. Save me some money.

Not going to happen.

No, I will keep my computer and my broadband and I will continue to waste time watching movies and bad t.v. shows and then watching them all again.

Yes, I finally got Netflix, and in the week and a-half I’ve had it I’ve watched 2 DVDs and a lot of streaming movies and t.v. shows.

A lot.

Now, I did learn one thing: I am over Law & Order. I watched an episode of L&O:SVU from their tenth season and just thought Blegggh—really?

And even tho’ I can watch CSI on CBS, my interest lags there, as well. Yes, there are still tw0-ish other shows I still tune in, but, mostly, I’m done with the whole t.v. thing.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that there are all these movies which I can watch at the click of the mouse.

This wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, save for my inability to close out the Netflix window after finishing a movie. Nope, time for another.

Pitiful. There’s reading and writing and Oh! Going outside!

Not happening.

This will fade, I know. I’ll get sick of myself doing nothing but sitting in front of my (um, new [it was on sale!], larger, external) monitor watching explosions and tears and drinking and running and people doing all the things I could be doing were not I sitting in front of my new, larger, external monitor.

But in the meantime, what’s that crappy movie I won’t admit to liking even as a guilty pleasure which I’ve seen 18 kajillion times. . . ?

Lord. Pitiful.