It’s raining again

6 02 2010

Penises are trouble.

You may recall a recent post in which I noted the odd-cute manner in which Jasper approached the litter box and his business therein.

I even posted pictures.


There have been developments since then, none of them good. Some cat is no longer confining his or her elimination to the litter box.

At first I thought it was Bean who, tired of being ambushed by the dauphin, went outside of the enclosed box so as to observe better the movements of the said ambusher. I therefore removed the top, thinking this would solve the problem.

It did not.

I reconsidered: What if  the matter were not that of a female cat squatting outside of the box, but of a male cat perched on the edge and overshooting? What if the puddle were produced by a poorly-pointed penis?

This seems to be the case.

I’ve had a conversation with Jasper about his aim, but he gives me the blank look of a teenager bored by everything an adult has to say. If he could, I’d bet he’d stick his paws in his ears and sing la-la-la-la-la-la over my remonstrations.




4 responses

6 02 2010
L J Simms

very entertaining, your writing style is quite unique and enjoyable!
Poorly pointed penises are the workings of the devil I’m sure, I live in a student house and I’m telling you its not just cats who can’t aim!

Happy blogging

LJ Simms

6 02 2010

I’m sure you’ve thought of this, but sometimes cats will go outside the box because something’s wrong – they associate the box/litter with pain because of an infection, for example. Which boys are more prone to.

That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were just youthful exuberance. Isn’t about a “teenager” by now?

7 02 2010

@LJ: Perhaps you need to paste a picture of a fly or some sort of target in the bowl. Apparently it helps if there’s something at which to aim. . . .

@Christine: Yeah, I did think of this, but, without divulging TMI, the evidence tends more toward exuberance than infection.

8 02 2010

Judging by the mess I constantly see around the urinal at work, it must be a boy thing, irrespective of species…

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