22 03 2010

Yeah, I know this is everywhere, but what the hell, it’s a great shot:

Ain’t no hero-worship: just respect.

And Nancy Pelosi? Fuck yeah!

(‘Chill’ from; h/t Ta-Nehisi Coates commenters; Pelosi: h/t Pandagon)




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22 03 2010

Girl, you gotta see what they cobbled together over to the Balloon Juice:

23 03 2010

I should call my Canadian friends, with their country’s “85% of the population like their government run health care plan” and see if they’re laughing at us! 🙂

Still, good that something, finally, has been gotten done and can, hopefully, be built upon.

23 03 2010

@emily: Yeah, I saw that one, but I liked the cleanness of the original image. Still, I probably could have found a shot of Madame Speaker with her hammer.

@geekhiker: This is a highly imperfect bill, er, law—but the fact that this is now law is what’s so damned important. The rough cut has been made through the thicket; later, we can go back and widen the path.

And the hysteria among Republicans? Why, that’s just cake. . . .

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