11 04 2010

Here’s a little tip: If the free e-tax provider that you used last year tells you that you OWE FOUR TIMES MORE than what you received last year as a refund, and it sends you around and around its e-form trying to figure out what went wrong, it’s probably worth your time to try a different e-filer.

And yeah, I know, don’t wait until April to do your fucking taxes, either!



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12 04 2010

Yikes. Good luck!

12 04 2010

Which one did you use?

12 04 2010

Oh, who of us hasn’t waited until April at some point? LOL

12 04 2010

Next year, I swear: First week of February!

It’s all good: I pulled up a form and instruction from the IRS website and filled it out—yep, the owing two-thousand-dollar bit was clearly in error.

Then I went to another site (because, hell, I wasn’t in the mood to deal with the post office) and discovered that not only was I getting money back (which I had figured on the IRS site), but that I was getting a fair amount back.

So then I clicked BACK over to my IRS pdf page, discovered that I had neglected to include my exemption (in addition to my standard deduction), and happily signed off on the second e-filer form.

The first site was ezTaxReturn; the second, FreeTaxUSA. I used ez last year (which worked fine), and I figured that there had to be an error, but the stupid site wouldn’t let me go back and find that error. I did try to push ahead, because there’s usually a review page which allows edits, but after a certain point it looked like the next button I’d hit would send the form. So I stopped.

I considered starting over, then thought, Hey, this site sucks; try another. So I did.

13 04 2010

Good news! What a relief!

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