La cucaracha

21 07 2010

The only—and I mean only—good thing about one-and-a-quarter inch cockroaches is that when you encounter a roach which is less than half an inch, your response is:

Pfft, whatever.

(And a quick kill, of course.)



4 responses

21 07 2010

Have I ever mentioned the cockroaches in Tel Aviv? No? Best I leave it unsaid then.

Other than this: Double your length. Add the power of flight. *shudder*

(My Chauncey cat used to catch them and torture them. We would find a leg here, a wing there…. God bless Chauncey cat, wherever her wee, black spirit may now be!)

21 07 2010

The bigger ones are positively bulletproof, I tells ya.

I do rather like creeping people out by telling them that all of ’em are capable of flight, though. I’m just evil that way. 😉

22 07 2010

Yes, they fly in New York, too.

25 07 2010

The first time I ever saw one fly—in my apt in Albuquerque—it came right at me. Since I can remember nothing of what happened after that, I can only conclude that I blacked out.

Anyway, I don’t think a roach or any bug should ever be big enough to be described as ‘meaty’. . . .

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