Too goddamned irritated. . .

17 08 2010

. . . to write on the following topics:

  • New York vs California
  • nostalgia and memory
  • understanding and critique
  • bias and understanding (epistemology, ontology, and hermeneutics)
  • something about my deranged cat
  • anything other than Lower Manhattan development or abortion

I want to be thoughtful and honest and maybe a little funny and not caught up in every last fucking idiocy which streams across my computer—but, alas, I fail.

Breathe, ab, breathe.



4 responses

17 08 2010

It’s the humidity. It’s too sticky to think words like “epistemology, ontology, and hermeneutics.”

17 08 2010

Or the stupidity.

I think what’s needed is LOLcats-ish graphic with a Muslim (kitty?) sitting on a copy of the Constitution: I’m in ur country, using up ur freedoms.

18 08 2010

or the desire that things/people would be other than what they are, beware the pull of the fly-jar, i get caught up in it everyday but i’m slowly learning to save my soul/energy, as you say add to the uncertainty which might mean loosening yer grip

19 08 2010

I hope you, as a New Yorker, haven’t been offended by this Californian… 🙂

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