Mad world

19 08 2010

I cannot believe (as in: I despair) that this is being considered:

Are there enough curse words in all the world’s languages  to be dropped in response to this?

On a (very small) upside: check out the serious debate on the Atlantic‘s website about Jeffrey Goldberg’s article in particular and the Iran-with-nukes scenario in general. Goldblog irritates me to no end, and in looking at the participants in the debate my first reaction was Elliot Abrams? Seriously?!

Still, there’s a real—as in, serious and reasoned—argument happening there. Wish there were a wider spectrum of views—well, more skeptical and radical views—but then again, I wish I could run 5 1/2 minute miles and that eating Doritos helped me to lose weight.

So just as I puff out oh-so-much-more-than-5 1/2-minute-miles and limit my Doritos consumption, so too do I limit my ambitions as regards mainstream debates about world affairs. That is, I accept that sometimes the less-than-ideal can still be worthwhile.

Now, if only we could get various delusional/sullen world leaders to agree. . . .



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20 08 2010

the anti-nuke movement lost some steam with the end of the cold war but is building again:

22 08 2010

I remember that, way back when. I used to know the lingo: ICBM, SLBM, payload, MIRV, yield, fusion versus fission, nuclear versus thermonuclear, trip-wires, red phones, SALT I and II, die-ins, Petra Kelly, Helen Caldicott, freeze versus disarmament, The Day After, Testament, nuclear nightmares.

And now it’s ‘small’, ‘merely regional’: Israel versus Iran, India versus Pakistan, North Korea versus South. The nightmares have drifted east.

22 08 2010

indeed, there was also a whole other class of protestors back then with physicists arm in arm with catholic priests. i do think that there is a growing sense, including among some right wing elites and military folks, that the only solution to proliferation is total disarmament. hope springs eternal or at least until the next wave of despair.

24 08 2010

The optimist in me hopes that we will learn from our mistakes and delusions of the past, the realist in me knows that history has a tendency to repeat itself all too often. What really gets me down, though, are how many people seem resigned to these things. I’m not talking about the hawks, the ones who actively push for new and bigger roles, no, I’m talking about the average folks, who have reached a point of simply accepting that wars are endless. Sometimes, I think I slip into that category all to easily myself, on those days when the nightly news seems overwhelming…

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