Fine line

25 08 2010

Recounted by Stephen Budiansky:

olvidar la injuria es la mejor venganza: to forget an insult is the greatest revenge

h/t: The Daily Dish



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25 08 2010

what a day, cabdriver terrorized, than the new pbs frontline on the corruption in the NOPD relating to some post kat shootings (by the f-ing cops), i appreciate the sentiment of this blogger’s post but for me the thrill/joy of seeing hypocrites exposed is long gone. on a side note i have seen more than one christian&jewish theological conference discussion end badly over the question whether forgiveness is divine, as for forgetting and post-holocaust thinking i’ll leave that can of worms for another day.

25 08 2010

See, I take this line as less about forgiveness than saying: You and that thing you did? You mean NOTHING to me.

Jah, not really about forgiveness at all. . . .

As for hypocrisy, eh. Those who are most hypocritical are usually the most shameless, and without shame, the charge of hypocrisy loses its bite. In any case, it’s usually just the whipped cream on the truly devilish cake.

(No, I don’t know if that last line makes any sense, but I wanted to use a whipped cream metaphor, so there it is.)

In any case, the whole forgetting (at least in terms of letting go) brings us back to Caputo, doesn’t it?

26 08 2010

perhaps, but if they really meant nothing would we be talking about them in terms (parsing their arguments) other than how to defeat them, and would we be watching john stewart? as for jack as i understand him he (like wyschogrod) is following derrida/levinas in a kind of hyper-vigilance/remembering, but what is radical about his hermenuetics of hope is not his antifoundationalism but that it looks forward and not backwards, and in this sense is about
re-membering/reimagining and not recovering. and is therefore like Dewey’s wish for a common faith but after Foucault’s critique of progress, in any case not very orthodox. how did you come to his works?

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