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2 09 2010

On giving a two-year old antipsychotics for bipolar disorder:

“It’s a controversial diagnosis, I agree with that,” said Dr. Concepcion. “But if you will commit yourself in giving these children these medicines, you have to have a diagnosis that supports your treatment plan. You can’t just give a nondiagnosis and give them the atypical antipsychotic.”

Emphasis added.



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2 09 2010

I barely remember my critical thinking class from college, but doesn’t that qualify as circular reasoning?

2 09 2010

Or backasswards. Take yer pick.

2 09 2010

speaking of nightmares, don’t get me started on the orwellian horrors of psychiatric diagnosis/tx, especially with kids and and meds.
there are millions of kids/people with problems that are most likely related to socialization/development that are being misdiagnosed and medicated as if they had mental-illnesses, which will not only do god knows what to their bodies but is also a way of relieving them of their full citizenship as they are potentially now legally not capable of self-control/reason, pardon the rant but i have toiled in the belly of the public health psychiatry leviathan and it leaves one a bit haunted.

2 09 2010

I was at one point mid-depression rantingly against any kind of med whatsoever, and went through the obligatory Szazian mental-illness-myth phase.

I got over it, but shit like this. . . .

3 09 2010

szaz was wrong about illnesses like schizophrenia but when it comes to developmental problems like personality disorders (which are now being diagnosed as “bipolar” not b/c they fit the category but b/c there is medication for bip and not for these other problems) he was dead on and if you look at the way that we are keeping some sex-offenders in indefinite lock-up for psychiatric reasons and consider that many schools in states like NY are now screening whole grades for mental-illnesses, or look at the new hybrid juvenile-justice/mental-health system there, you can see that szaz’s concerns about state powers where well founded. did you know that there have been serious conversations in the medical ethics community over whether people diagnosed as depressesed can qualify as making informed consent decisions?

3 09 2010

you should check out these tri-state area guys if you get a chance:

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