When all else fails. . . kitties!

18 10 2010

I got nothin’.

Yes, all kinds of opinions about politics and football and freelancing and upcoming family visits but, honestly, why put you or me through that.

So, until the mojo returns. . . kitties!

Kitty croissant, or nautilus shell---take yer pick

Here’s the kitty boy, decidedly ignoring both me and The Trickster:

Not paying atttention: la la la la la

Here he is again, driving me up a fucking wall:

Oh, is this bothering you? Really?

He’s got this thing, where he climbs on to something inconvenient and proceeds to dig away at whatever is hanging on the wall. Not the wall itself, mind you, which might be amusing. No, he has to whack away at something which could fall and break or fall and break something else and in either case generally rip up the plaster.

Or just hang around the desk while I’m trying to work, because, you know, it’s not as if there’s not an entire apartment available for their amusement:

*Sigh* Fucking Feline Union.



7 responses

19 10 2010

kitties are always a good fallback, any thoughts on?

19 10 2010

I read the first one but was in too foul a mood to read part II. But now I’ll go back. . . .

19 10 2010

And you thought I made my last comment about “cat overlords” in jest…

Speaking of which, did you see the cat episode of “Futurama” over the summer?

19 10 2010

@gh: Nope—no tv. Is it on Hulu?

19 10 2010

@ab: Don’t think so… might be on Comedy Central’s website…

20 10 2010

I actually saw this on the same day that I put up that post listing all the reasons I hadn’t posted anything — and thought “fine for her, but I don’t have cats to take pictures of!”

But I didn’t leave a comment. Because I didn’t have time. Because of all the reasons that I hadn’t posted that day. (Still don’t have cats).

21 10 2010

@eh: Trees. Leaves. Flowers. Candy!!

You know, pictures of just about anything.

Oh, and the ‘No Comment’ thing works, too.

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