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23 10 2010

Thoughts, oh so many thoughts, on: kyriarchy, patriarchy, enough-with-the-neologisms-already, structures of domination, confrontation, critical analysis, dissolve into understanding, alienation. . . .

Words words words blah blah blah.

So what that I’m text-oriented; luckily, others are more visual:

‘Nuff said

This pithy shot is from Subway Art Blog, which I read about in the NYTimes City Blog and, because I got a shitty night’s sleep and am too lazy to go to the gym or do much of anything, decided to visit.

Yay, laziness!

That shot is listed under ‘Stuff that Hates on Hipsters‘, but wait! There’s more!

‘You Know You Love It!’ (Aug 17)

Yes, even I, the arch feminist sophisticate (ha!) have a 14yo boy inside of her.

For those with who appreciate weirdness, check out the feature on Olek, a mad crocheter (sp?) who collaborated with the author by appearing in and around the subway wearing a crochet body suit.

Makes my bitter little heart beat just a bit faster about this New York underground life.

‘All Tracks Lead to Brooklyn’ (June 3)




7 responses

23 10 2010

that’s true….all tracks so lead to BK. I like this a lot!!!

24 10 2010

nice pics, shitty night’s sleep seems to be sign of the times

24 10 2010

@darabrown: Your website is beautiful! Perhaps you could do a DC/B’more transit theme as well. . . .

@dmf. Great tune, and utterly appropriate, given the first image. (Yeah, I once lived on the L line, but waaaay out, and thus come by my hipster-hate honestly.)

25 10 2010

they were a good band back in the day not sure if they still exist, as the beasties once said everyone actin like life’s a commercial.
worldwide street art@

25 10 2010

L.A. taggers have no idea the opportunities they’re missing out on my not doing their work in our baby subway system that no one rides…

27 10 2010

There is a recently published book called New York Dick that contains subway posters with penises drawn on them. The best part is that your local Barnes & Noble does not file this book in humor, but in the New York Pictorial section.

27 10 2010

@J.: I’m actually not much of a fan of penis art—too much juvenalia, too little humor—but I did laugh when I first saw that ‘you love it’ piece. As long as it’s funny. . . .

And, having worked for, aah, a Big & National bookstore, I am not at all surprised at the shelving.

@geekhiker: I’m ambivalent about graffiti art: some is amazing, much is mediocre, and too much can overwhelm an area. And I don’t mind that the subway cars are no longer festooned with paint. But I also appreciate the anarchism, the fuck-authority, and the sly subversion of those upend public order in small ways.

I think law aids liberty—but so too, sometimes, does breaking the law.

Hence the ambivalence.

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