I was so much younger then

16 11 2010

I need an image.

No, not for me—I have my lovely red cube—for my first novel.

I really slacked off on the editing, but it’s done, now. For the most part. One last walk-through. . . .

Anyway, I should be able to post it to Smashwords say, oh, around Thanksgiving, and I’d really like it to have a ‘cover’, and, given that the novel is neither abstract nor experimental, an abstract or experimental image wouldn’t work.

So a photo, or a drawing, something which has some relationship to the setting of the novel itself. I sketched something out, but, well, there’s a reason I work in words. Then I tried searching for images of what I’d want, thinking I could just pony up a licensing fee, but, eh.

Then I thought, Huh, I wonder if I’ve got something which could work in my photo bin. So, after hoisting Tricks and then Jasper out from the pile of photos, I dove into my past.

There are my nieces and nephew as babies. My sister with a perm. My brother with hair. And, jesus, that short-sleeved green shirt I still love? Apparently, I bought that in high school, as there’s a shot of me wearing it in the high school theatre makeup room. There’s K. and M. and me in our costumes from Mame, and, ho, there I am, in a bikini at the quarry.

No, I won’t be posting that one.

I just bought some film for my old Olympus, but, really, most of my shots these days are digital. Will it be the same, in ten or twenty or thirty years to flip through my computer (or online or whatever) archive and see shots of the kitties or my apartment or snow on the fire escape?

Maybe. It is the image, primarily, which pulls me back, and that’s what I’ll see. But I can also tell the different cameras I used in the film shots, the kind of film, the matte and glossy finish. And while I regularly delete bad images from my digital chip, I kept a lot of the old bad film shots—hey, I paid for those!

I’m not slagging the digital, and who knows, in twenty years digital may be old school.

But I’ll never be as young as I was on film.




4 responses

17 11 2010

congrats, what’s yer genre/storyline?

17 11 2010

No, but thanks to PhotoShop, you can be younger on digital. 😉

You should post your sketch. Who knows? Maybe someone out there has exactly the image you’re thinking of…

17 11 2010

@dmf: It’s a small story, about a woman who rents a house next door to a family which has its issues—as does the woman herself. No villains, no big reveals: just a character(s) study.

As I’ve written previously (before you started reading. . .), this novel was a shock, insofar as I didn’t know that I was a novel-writer until this story emerged. My second novel is better, and more likely to get me an agent, but the first was all right, and worth a read—hence, Smashwords.

@geekhiker: Even PhotoShop can’t make me thirteen—for which, I might add, I am grateful. As for the sketch, eh, I may have found a photo which works, or will work well enough.

18 11 2010

thanks for the catchup, finding oneself to be a novelist sounds like a lovely surprise oh to be kundera.

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