It’s just possible. . .

23 12 2010

. . . that the parents among you will not find this amusing:

I, however, snorted with laughter at the end.

Then again, I grew up with jarts, lay in the middle of the street popping tar bubbles, hung on to a car door and skied in my penny-loafers, and thought drinking eleven shots and countless beers and mixed drinks for my 18th birthday was a good idea.

h/t Kelly O at Slog



4 responses

24 12 2010

Imagine the surprise that kid would be in for if the airbag went off!

25 12 2010

What are the chances this car has an airbag?

Besides, details, details. . . .

27 12 2010

And yet we survived! And had sooo much fun. You forgot to mention riding around in the trunk of BG’s car. Driving the pinto backwards because we liked the sound. Smoking weed. And well, there’s alot and I’m a little embarrassed to write it all down.

27 12 2010

Hey, gotta save some stuff for later posts. . . .

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