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3 02 2011

Hell of a week.

I went from chest-cracking anxiety over finances and work to chest-thrumming over-work.

More later, but, you know, LOLcats in the meantime.

(And welcome back, dmf!)



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3 02 2011

Nothing wrong with a good LOL post here and there. Keeps things interesting (and aren’t they blessedly easy?).

3 02 2011

thanks for the kind welcome and for thrumming, always like learning new words.

10 02 2011
12 02 2011

hope yer buddy carl isn’t caught up in this mess:

16 02 2011


Just wanted to say that I found your blog via your comments on Ta-Nehisi Coates’ recent post about SD’s ridiculous new fetal life laws, and was wondering if you might want to talk to me about setting up a network for getting women in abortion clinic-free zones of the country to bigger and better places. The website I linked to above is to the cf_resources (Childfree Resources) community on LiveJournal, which is a board to list sterilization-friendly doctors and clinics which I co-founded and still maintain. Please feel free to write me at the e-mail addy I’ve provided for you, and I’d love to talk!

On a completely different note, I really like your blog and will be adding you to my RSS feeds in just a moment; we seem to have a lot of common interests! Hope to hear from you soon, and take care!



19 02 2011
19 02 2011

Oh, thank you all for coming here when I could not.

@gh: I figured. Can’t really go wrong with critters.

@dmf: I’ll check out the Lawlor link. As for Carl, he does what he likes, damn the consequences. So some people he likely doesn’t much think about one way or the other might say mean things about him. He won’t care. And Wisconsin? On it.

@Kim. Hi! Welcome! Yes, let’s talk/e-mail. I tried the link, tho’, and it didn’t work. Regardless, you have my e-mail.

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