Up against the wall

1 03 2011

He has promised that he will not leave the country, that he will fight to remain in power “to the last drop of blood.”

The last drop of his blood: This man ends  like Ceaușescu, dead against a wall.

This is what he has done to his country; this is what he has done to himself.

Photo: AP




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1 03 2011

well to be fair he only promised us that he would no longer commit atrocious acts of terror against other countries’ peoples and you know that it is all about US in the end…

1 03 2011

Ha. The great joy of all of these protests is how little is has to do with [the] US.

I was wondering who’s given the more delusional speeches of late: Qaddafi or Charlie Sheen. Sheen is a menace to women, but at least he doesn’t have an army at his disposal.

And as for Qaddafi, given that he’s hollowed out Libya—it’s barely even a state anymore—he has also reduced Libyans to a kind of hollow existence, just as Ceausescu did. And when a hollow people are able finally to fight against their own disappearance, well, mercy, along with the other virtues of a full humanity, tend to be in short supply.

1 03 2011

for john dillinger if he’s still alive:

1 03 2011

the diffusion/transmission/inspirational-character of soft-power may be akin to the weakness-of-God, to the soul being sparked to light a fire within.

1 03 2011

Well, you know the old saying about living in interesting times? I think this certainly qualifies.

As for Sheen, what about his “army” of fans he clearly believes will rise up to support him against the evils of CBS?

5 03 2011

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