Checking it twice

11 03 2011

Silly me—no, stupid me: for not considering that a James O’Keefe-sponsored NPR video just might possibly maybe could have been. . . edited.

That should have been my first response: Is this even real?

h/t to the commenters at TNC’s joint, especially &chik and his/her link to a critical look at the video at (goddess help me) Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.



4 responses

11 03 2011

gossip rules the world

13 03 2011
13 03 2011

Why oh why oh why is NPR not a organization that investigates such matters? Wouldn’t you think that a news organization would have investigated before….

Just: Why? I can’t even.

14 03 2011

I gotta figure out how to nominate O’Keefe for an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Editing…

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