Excuses, excuses

27 04 2011

Here I have my own blog and my own project(s) and what do I do?

Spend all day over at TNC’s joint arguing Locke.



At least that’s better than spending all day dealing with the president’s capitulation to conspiracy-mongerers release of his “long form” birth certificate.

It’s not as if evidence ever actually disproves a conspiracy; no, any counter-evidence is immediately seized upon as further evidence of said conspiracy.

And no, I ain’t linkin’ to the conspirators. Enough.

(Although I did like the term ktheintz at Josh Green’s blog coined for this particular group of conspirators: after-birthers. Nice.)


Given my struck-through comment on capitulation, I pretty clearly disagree with Sullivan on all this. (For those who don’t read him: He thinks it’s not unreasonable to demand that public figures release any and all information about themselves. I do not.)

Just because Sullivan chooses to expose as much of his life as he does to the public doesn’t mean every other public person should be forced to do so.

I also don’t care much for his Trig obsession, not because I don’t think it’s possible for Palin to have lied about it—I think she’s his mother, although I also think she lied about the circumstances of his birth—but because I’m really fucking tired of the public interrogation of any woman’s reproductive status.

I think Palin is a malign force in our body politic; I also think she deserves the same goddamned privacy regarding her uterus as every other woman does.

In fact, I wish she’d take her whole damned self private.


Anyway. I need to get out more.



4 responses

28 04 2011

sully is just a caricature of a public thinker tho he does advertise himself as a daily disher so i guess we are fairly warned.
It just saddens me that anyone still thinks that birthers, and the rest of the left-behind angry mob-sters, care about facts and are worth arguing with.
I saw that you were valiantly trying to school the horde on some political philosophy (don’t you get enuff of that headache at yer day job?) and suggested to TNC that Hegel/Marx/Fanon on slave-master dialectics might be closer to his subject and he was open to the suggestion so if you have some time and energy (and don’t take your own good advice and venture out into the real world) left over maybe you can explain that line of thought to the folks over there.

28 04 2011

hey yer man carl elliot is feeling the weight of das kapitol:

28 04 2011
3 05 2011

(Terribly behind, much commenting today.)

I agree with you, totally. One of the fundamental tenants of U.S. politics (in theory, anyway) is that we are governed by elected private citizens, as opposed to some royalty about whose lives we know every detail. More to the point, I really don’t give a rat’s patootie about Obama’s college records: they aren’t going to tell me any information on how he will lead and in what direction he will take our country.

And at the end of the day, that matters a whole lot more than his grade in a math class from 30 years ago.

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