That’ll do, New York, that’ll do

24 06 2011




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25 06 2011

that’s some much needed good news on the political front, just worried about what is will cost in terms of education and health/soc-services funding, there will be a big payback coming for those votes but I think it also gives the guv cover to cut deep

25 06 2011

Yeah, I’m glad the governor cared enough to work to get this done, and I mean that sincerely.

But it’s also clear that, given his legislative agenda, he doesn’t have a vision for a good society for all that will motivate him to work as hard to take care of those New Yorkers who live on the margins—or, for that matter, those who live next to those on the margins.

27 06 2011

Well, bravo to NY. Now if we could just get our little case through the court system…

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