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7 07 2011

Here’s an idea for the Dems:

Shoot a basic video with shots of Grover Norquist and sundry Republican leaders talking about the debt, deficit, unwillingness to consider tax hikes/closing tax loopholes, perhaps superimposed with quotes about how defaulting on the debt wouldn’t be a big deal. Note somewhere in all of this that Republicans have “pledged” fealty to Norquist.

Leave blank spots sprinkled throughout this video, allowing editors to upload shots of the local Republican representative—perhaps the quotes could be superimposed over photos of the local rep.

Find someone from that member’s district who’s willing to go on camera, give her or his name, and talk about how the cuts in spending/govt shutdown/default would devastate them.

Then end the video with a shot of the rep, and the question: So who do you work for, Representative [Republican]?  The Washington insider/lobbyist/whatever term of approbation, or [local constituent]?

This shouldn’t be that hard to do or that expensive to shoot, not if you consider that the bones of the vid need only be shot once and then distributed to the state parties for tailoring. (You could also make variations of this for radio.)

This is a no-brainer. MAKE THEM PAY!



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7 07 2011
Gefilte Bacon

Don’t knock Grover Norquist; without him corporate jet owners would be voiceless in Washington. Perhaps we need a pledge to protect everyone else….

7 07 2011


And do I even want to know how to make “gefilte bacon”? Perhaps it’s best that I’m a vegetarian. . . .

7 07 2011

Can we just let them all go and replace them with first graders? Seriously, I know first graders who can balance their piggy bank budgets easier!

Course, I guess then the lobbyists would just start carrying around bags of candy rather than cash…

8 07 2011

have the pressures of the day ended the work/blogging on the dawning of the modern?

Click to access deschenecompanion.pdf

8 07 2011

@gh. Well, if I were to set up a government, representatives would be selected by lot, leaving senators and presidents (or prime ministers, if it were a parliamentary system) to be elected. Won’t solve everything and it would likely lead to other problems, but I think those problems would be less, mm, problematic for our democracy.

@dmf: Still mulling.Got a bit sidetracked with teaching and the Nazis (two different projects), as well as pulled in a bit too much into “history-history” as opposed to “intellectual history”. So no, not abandoned.

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