Long beautiful hair

16 07 2011

She might be, as The New Republic so ably puts it, Bellatrix Lestrange to Rupert Murdoch’s Voldemort. . .

But damn, Rebekah Brooks has great hair.


h/t: Hendrik Hertzberg, The New Yorker; Photograph by Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images.




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17 07 2011

yes she does, and apparently is an insider/confidant not just on the business end of the murdoch clan, will be very interesting to see if he has finally overreached.
the sad thing is that newspapers may not be able to make it without feeding the endless desire for gossip.


17 07 2011

We’ll see where this all goes. It seems as if the whole upper [working] crust of the UK is rotted through.

I know Tony Blair and his whole New Labour schtick found favor with Murdoch, but I do take some satisfaction that this has happened on the Tories’ watch. It may not be fair to Cameron, but hell, there’s no fairness in governance.

17 07 2011

cameron apparently bought into the idea that to be in touch, or at least to appear to be in touch, with the less posh he needed a yellowjournalism sleazeball in his corner and lo and behold…
i’m not sure that any public these days can keep the celebrity gossip angle out of the heart of politics, we have a big hyper-connected microphone/cellphone now and it turns out to have a mirror function.
the rise of the They-say as Arendt’s teacher warned, and then got sucked into…

19 07 2011
19 07 2011

I feel strangely relived to know I’m not the only one who thought so. Still, and maybe its just the photos I’ve seen, but there seems to be an “icy” quality about her, don’t you think?

21 07 2011

Honestly, I don’t have any read on her at all.

I just dig long, wild, red hair—my locks just can’t measure up.

Oh, and Emily, you should click through the New Republic link: some clever juxtapositions.

21 07 2011

All so good, but: James Murdoch is Nagini – brilliant! Oh, all those shiny teeth….

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