Summer in the city

21 07 2011

Hot, broke, and unemployed.

Yes, once again, I hate everything.

(Tho’ it must be said that we New Yorkers don’t have it as bad as those in the middle of the country. . . .)



4 responses

21 07 2011

in more ways than you can imagine…

but yeah nyc is increasingly a bad place to be without, not that the good old days of grit and grime were all that great day to day but at least back then there was a sense that something might happen and you could be there brokeass or not

22 07 2011
22 07 2011

I was thinking of you when I wrote this—at least, the parenthetical. . . .

23 07 2011

yes thank you, sadly i was vain enuff to think that the song was about me. whenever I think of Obama’s there are no red and blue states speech I am reminded that he is a politician, they aren’t called culture wars for nothing and and the actual casualties are mounting, on that cheery note.

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