For the hell of it

8 08 2011

This quote, which I tore out of an old City Pages and which has graced my bulletin board since, mm, the late 1990s, was meant to lead off a post on the riots in London.

And then I remembered that I don’t know fuck-all what’s going on over there and should just keep my trap shut.

But the tear-out? It stands on its own.




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9 08 2011

if only this were the standard of practices on the web, does raise the question of how much (and what kind of) knowledge is required to count as being knowledgeable enough to be informed, to do more than gossip/monday-morning-quarterbacking, this is the major reason I gave up on contributing to the horde-mind.

9 08 2011

It’s the Friedman curse.

9 08 2011
9 08 2011
9 08 2011

Here’s an on-the-ground view of the riots:

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