All things weird and wonderful, 24

29 08 2012

Courtesy of the redoubtable dmf, a few of the Google street-shot photos caught by Canadian artist Jon Rafman:

The. . . absurdity of this scene strikes me.

The building makes the rock seem alive.

See the rest of the sad, surreal, and puzzling photos—including one of a tiger ambling across a parking lot—here.




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30 08 2012

the stone house is very harry potterish, and the whole series is great because it really brings home the uncanny sense of being off the map, outside of the routine/expected, and yet at the same time obviously recognizing the settings/events as being quite real/concrete, even around the block, or outside one’s front door.

30 08 2012

30 08 2012

And that first photo reminded me of the Pink Floyd album cover for “Wish You Were Here”.

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