Just sitting on your porch

9 09 2012

So I had this post in my head about understanding and not understanding and agnosticism and religion and politics and empathic imagination. . . .

It’s still there, and there it remains, at least for another day.



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10 09 2012
10 09 2012
10 09 2012
10 09 2012

Nah, and tornadoes don’t freak me out. All that time spent in the basement waiting out tornado warnings as a kid, I guess.

Hell, I’m enough of a weather freak that I kinda wish I _had_ been at the beach to see it. . . .

11 09 2012

“While it may appear an inevitability, how did capitalism come to take hold in the US? Was slave production in the American South actually capitalist or something else? What was the nature of the Civil War and the emergence of sharecropping in the conflict’s wake? Marxist sociologist Charles Post weighs in on these questions, which have been hotly debated for many years on the left, with significant consequences for how we see capitalism’s permanence and the nature of racial oppression today.”

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