Mayan campaign mashup 2012: What’s in your head, in your head

3 10 2012

I listened to the last 20 minutes of the debate and was annoyed at Romney for being Romney and annoyed at Obama for not being Obama.

There’s a scene from the original Rocky (that I can’t find and so may be misremembering. . .) in which Mickey keeps telling Rocky to stay cool, stay cool, and then at some point Rocky and Apollo go at it after the round ends and Mickey says, in effect, RIGHT ON!

Rocky: I thought you told me to be cool.

Mickey: That was cool!

Again, I may have gotten the scene wrong, but from the brief bit I heard and from the live-blogging I followed (Slog at The Stranger), Obama never bothered to switch up his cool.

Disappointing. Unlikely to matter much, but still.





2 responses

4 10 2012

better you than me, i can’t listen to romney any more so i am skipping the debates and saving myself some agita.

4 10 2012

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