Mayan campaign mashup 2012: Helpless, hopeless

16 10 2012


I am listening to/watching the debate.


I already know who I’m voting for and unless and until Obama  invades Canada so as to appease the god Xenu, he is that man.

Except, of course, I do care. Fuck me and everybody else if Mitt-I-deserve-everything-Romney is elected. No, I won’t be moving to Canada (I’ll move to Canada for the sole reason that I want to live in Montreal) and it wouldn’t be the end of the world if Willard M. won, but godfuckingdammit it would be worse than it has to be.

So. Not only am I watching/listening to the debate, I am reading three live-blogs of the damned thing.

Godfuckingdammit am I hopeless.

The only thing worse would be if I live-blogged it myself.

Fuck me.




3 responses

16 10 2012


I’m listening. I’m a dem, typically, but it’s important to listen. Is it all BS? Yeah, from both sides.

Wish Obama would use his experience. Wish Romney wasn’t such a kiss ass. But it’s important to listen, if for no other reason, to understand how the opponents see you. What your weak spots are. Everyone has them.

This process strengthens the eventual winner. Hopefully the one I want.

Or, I’m extremely naive.

A wise senior yearbook editor impressed upon me to listen (even to the idiots). Well, I’m listening. And judging. But still listening.

16 10 2012

It’s not all BS and in general, yes, listen, but not if it makes you want to throw yourself and everyone you know out of a window. . . .

20 10 2012

It’s a damn lot of BS. How can they explain their economic policies in 30 second bits? Both of them are now sniping at one sentence quotes by the other guy. Blech. I’m ready to see a fist fight (and I abhor fighting(. The both piss me off.

At least one looks the part. The other has loose lips and Cro-magnon ideals. Lets vote already.

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