All things weird and wonderful, 29

15 01 2013

The poetry of material things

What a lovely name for a Tumblr.

I am a materialist—tough to be Marxisch and not a materialist—but, honestly, I hadn’t really considered the poetry in the material, itself.

It was there, of course, in every Art Deco building or carved lintel, every curving bridge, strutting muscle car, and heavy-ceramic diner coffee cup. I noticed the beauty, but not the material, the sea, not the water.

I love this image. Ordinary and sublime and balanced without fussy symmetry. Just so.

How can this be real? It must be a poem. . . .

(h/t The Near-Sighted Monkey)




3 responses

16 01 2013

Yes…I see what you mean…there really is beautiful symmetry in the simple…and a complexity, a particular underlying dialogue even…but only whispered…very three dimensional imagery

16 01 2013

I like the house
I like the tree
but I have to say
the sky depresses me

(Too many years of living under June Gloom in L.A., methinks…)

16 01 2013

@PaulaB: So much in so little—man!

@gh: Oh, I love that sky—cloudy, grey, and barely blue. Such a relief!

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