You’ll meet an army of me

23 01 2013

No, I haven’t decided who I’ll support in 2016, but. . .

. . .this will give nightmares to all the right people.


Photo credit: Image by Kevin Lamarque / Reuters




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23 01 2013

I like Hilary, but I honestly worry that she has so much baggage (notably the steamer trunk named “Bill”), that it might create problems for any potential run. This makes me rather sad, as the not-taking-sh!t-from-anybody attitude she’s developed over the past few years I really admire.

Besides, everybody’s so entrenched with their opinions these days, she may not be able to swing many votes one way or the other. After all, for every liberal yelling “Go, Hilary!” today, there was probably a conservative saying (in the most condescending manner possible) “what a b!tch”. Speaking of which, I’m sure Rush’s show will be a yuk-fest tomorrow…

The question is: do you think she’ll run?

23 01 2013

can’t wait for the hagel nomination, maybe mccain will just spontaneously combust all over lindsey-g, fuckin warmongers literally make me ill.

24 01 2013
24 01 2013

@gh: I have no idea if she’ll run. If I had to lay money. . . I wouldn’t, because I have no idea what goes into making the decision to run.

@dmf: I wonder how big of an asshole McCain is going to be to his old buddy. I hope Hagel just lays it out there and doesn’t bother trying to make nice.

30 08 2015
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