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6 04 2013

Remember when I showed that horrifying video of an owner who (shudder) trained her cat to play dead?

Well, this is how a cat ought to respond to commands:

Hells yeah!


h/t Cute Overload



5 responses

6 04 2013

This is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your cat!!!! and i love his name too!!!!!!!!!!

7 04 2013
7 04 2013

@Lauren: Nah, not my cat—I saw this at Cute Overload—tho’ I agree on the name!

@dmf: I’ve been warning my students off the PhD track for years, telling them plainly “there are no jobs.”

7 04 2013

oh ok! but its such a cute video!!!

10 04 2013

What you may not have noticed (and you’d have to got through frame-by-frame and zoom in to see it) is that, not only did the cat touch the hazelnut, it flipped the bird to the human who had the audacity to try and tell it what to do as well…

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