Get into the groove

29 04 2013

And so the ghost fades away.

It was not a great experience this time around: it seems like The Man and I kept missing what the other was saying. I don’t know if the problem was that he was insufficiently clear or that I didn’t listen well, but we never got into a good working groove.

This is too bad for a coupla’ reasons:  I like The Man and feel bad that I wasn’t as much help this time around as last. It also feels as if I failed to live up to my professional obligation to give him my best. Finally, I worry that the disappointment this time around might lead him to find another ghost the next time. Given the parlous state of my finances, losing work is a Grade-A bummer.

Eh, maybe it will work out—but you know me: I doubt it.




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30 04 2013

“this time around as last”? Leads me to ask, have you worked with him before and it was a better/more productive experience?

If so, and you want to work with him again, then I suggest what we all have to do in any relationship, working or otherwise: talk to him about it. Ask if he felt something was different as well, nail down what was different this time than last, express that you’d like to work with him next time again. Just my two cents (which are probably worth significantly less than that, but still)…

30 04 2013
1 05 2013

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