Whoops Mr. Moto I’m a coffee pot

16 05 2013

Scientists at the Oregon Health & Science University created the first human embryo clones and used them to derive embryonic stem cells.

Their secret?

The OHSU team added caffeine to the growth medium that nourished the eggs after they were stripped of their original DNA and awaited the new DNA from a skin cell.

Coffee really does make everything better.
Someday I’ll figure out how to use that nifty Logitech camera-&-microphone to record sound, at which point I’ll sing you my coffee song.
I do like “Java Jive”, with one large reservation: the inclusion of tea as a drink deserving of equal adoration.

Mmmmm, no.




4 responses

17 05 2013
18 05 2013

21 05 2013

Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that I stayed at your place for an entire week, and you never treated me to The Coffee Song?

I am immensely disappointed by this…

22 05 2013

Did we drink coffee together?! If I recall, you tended to decline breakfast offers. . . .

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