Oh say can you see my eyes if you can

19 07 2013

Now I’ve done it.

As I’d mentioned previously, at some point in the summer I cut off all my hair—and yesterday was the day I was shorn.

My hair is short. Really really short. It’s possible that I’ve had it cut this short before, but I don’t think it’s ever been shorter.

(At one point in grad school some of my friends suggested that I shave my head. My response? Why do you hate me?

Yes, some people look amazing with shaved heads, but those are usually people who look amazing, full stop. I am not one of those people.)

Anyway, I’d say it’s “dyke-short”, but as a mere half-dyke I don’t know that I can get away with saying that. And no, I don’t look particularly butch with the cut, mostly because I don’t look particularly butch.

It does give me a certain ain’t-got-time-for-this-shit look, which could be translated as a bitch-look. I guess I could go with that.

So: I now expect the date requests to just start rollin’ in. . . .