Gimme a pigfoot

25 09 2013

I’m so out of it: A woman has apparently been chronicling her sandwich-making trek to an engagement ring.

And now she’s “outed” herself.

(Why the air quotes? Why the fucking sandwiches?)

I don’t care what she does, so much so that I stopped reading the NYPost story  in which she reveals herself as. . . (snore).

However, I was sufficiently taken with this set-up to imagine the following plot twist: She gets to 299 and then (ba ba ba BUM) stops.

Just stops.

And he’ll be all “what, you won’t make me a sandwich? I’m hungry! You’re going to let one sandwich get in the way our engagement?”

And she’ll be all “Are YOU going to let one sandwich get in the way of our engagement?”

A standoff! The thrills! A book deal in the making!

I still wouldn’t read to the end of the story, though.