She blinded me with science

14 12 2013

Quick note/plea: I’m putting together a proposal to teach another 300 general education course (as is the bioethics class), tentatively and excitingly called “Technology & Society”.

I’ve begun putting together a web page to serve as a resource for my would-be students at my course blog; as I am just getting started with this, the page is a bit thin on content. I’m not exactly sure how I’ll wrassle the various possibilities into a (semi-) coherent course, so I’ll be tossing up  links to as wide a variety of sites as possible.

Why do this? As the course will require a couple of honest-to-pete research papers, and as this is the first time many of the students will be writing h2p research papers, I’d like to give them as much of a boost as possible to get going.This isn’t meant to serve as a substitute for their own research, but rather, as leads.

(For comparison’s sake, you could look at the Bioethics articles and Bioethics sites & docs pages.)

Anyway, any help you could offer (in the comments, or via email—absurdist [at] gmx [dot] com) would be greatly appreciated!




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14 12 2013

not quite sure are you only looking for papers or a wider variety of sources?
you could ask my pal Nicholas over @ for some tips and I’ll link my own related blog in my “dmf”
also douglas rushkoff and jaron lanier have many accessible works on the subject.

15 12 2013

Thanks for this, d. I’ve got some written notes on possible ways to approach the class as well as possible sources—I knew about Lanier and Evgeny Morozov (and there’s another guy whose name has gotten away from me)—but I didn’t know about Rushkoff, and I’ll check out the blog.

And, of course, there are the usual suspects: Mumford, Heidegger, Haraway, et. al.

I hope this course goes through. I loooove teaching my bioethics course, and think this course could be as much fun and confusion as that one.

18 12 2013

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