Listen to the music: If songs were lines In a conversation

10 02 2014

I don’t know how I got so many Steve Earles.

I like his music, sure, but 1,2,3,4,5 cds by him? I didn’t know I liked him that much.

That happens sometimes. You find an artist you like well enough, come across his or her cds in a used bin, and if feeling sufficiently expansive, think Why not? I like the music. This is different from completism; more like what-the-hellism.

Others you hunt down because goddammit that song twanged something in your brain and if you don’t find every last note and lyric by that artist you will suffocate or burst or both. (Again this is different from completism, which is more bureaucratic: this is full-on obsession).

Nick Drake was one of those for me. As with most of my obsessions, it faded after time, but I still stop when I hear him, still think Oh!

“Pink Moon”, the erstwhile Volkswagon commercial was my introduction to him, and it is a marvelous song, but I think I’ll have to go with “Hazey Jane I” for the win.

I’m fighting the urge to reprint all of the lyrics, so will restrain myself and leave you with, not the loveliest of the lines, but the ones that sliced through me:

Do you hope to find new ways
Of doing better than your worst.

I’m tryin’, Nick, I’m trying.


167. Tanya Donnelly, beautysleep
168. Dave Douglas, a thousand evenings
169. Nick Drake, bryter layter
170. Nick Drake, Pink Moon
171. Nick Drake, Five Leaves Left
172. Drugstore, White Magic for Lovers
173. Drugstore, Songs for the Jetset [missing disk]
174. Bob Dylan, Greatest Hits
175. Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks
176. Steve Earle, El Corazon
177. Steve Earle, guitar town
178. Steve Earle, Transcendental Blues
179. Steve Earle, Sidetracks
180. Steve Earle, Jerusalem
181. Earth Wind & Fire, The Best of
182. Mark Eitzel, West
183. Duke Ellington, Caravan (The Jazz Giants Play Duke Ellington)
184. Missy Elliot, This Is Not A Test!
185. En Vogue, Funky Divas
186. Enya, Watermark
187. Eschellon, A Sample




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11 02 2014
12 02 2014
23 03 2014

There is no such thing as too many Steve Earle CD’s

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