19 02 2014

Why is it those who yell loudest about hewing to tradition care the least about history?

I know, I know. . . .



3 responses

20 02 2014

Maybe because knowing history makes some of our traditions seem not so great?

20 02 2014

you know that people aren’t rational/cognitive-behavioral driven critters, but can you adjust your own responses/expectations to such a reality or will the hometeams’ own cog-biases lead them to continue to try and enforce standards they know don’t actually hold/work? cog-wheels within cog-wheels…

26 02 2014

@sp: Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

@dmf: I think cog biases are real, and a trap, but not an inescapable trap. Or, maybe getting outside of one bias can lead one into another, but I do think we can uncertainly reflect a way out.

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