Take it easy

2 04 2014

Man, I have been all kinds of out of sorts recently.

Don’t know what it is. I’m not particularly sad, and there’s nothing going on to make me more stressed than usual.

I can teach, am not having any particular problems leading discussions; in fact, my best times are in the classroom.

But outside, outside my mood and mind just keep skittering off and sideways.

I’m not terrible. Just. . . can’t get easy.




3 responses

3 04 2014

A ❤ for my fellow human.

3 04 2014

Thanks, tcb.

4 04 2014

yeah that unsettled feeling is well unsettling, always slippery trying to sort out how much might have to do with external factors of things being out of sorts and or not very engaging and how much is more a matter of nerves, hope it works itself out.

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