I’m already gone

19 05 2014

Fuck me.

Fucking GMX has fucking changed—excuse me, fucking improved—it’s fucking interface and the one fucking thing that I really liked about it has fucking disappeared.

Oh, yeah: language NSFW. Sorry about that.

I liked the tabs, that’s what I liked about GMX. I could open multiple emails and multiple replies and go back and forth and generally keep track of what I was doing. This worked really well when students sent me papers: I could simply open every paper and a reply for each and tic-tic-tic could go each one.

Nothing life shattering, and it’s not like I couldn’t open and respond to each message one by one, but I liked the convenience, how it easy it was to keep track of my work. It was especially handy if I’d had other messages that I wanted to refer to in a response. Yeah, handy.

And now that feature is gone. Fuckers.*

Now, I know that I am incredibly negative-reactive against change, and that after I get used to changes I’m often fine with them. But this is less about an unhappy design than rendering a tool less functional—which pretty much pretty much degrades the purpose of the tool.

So, acting on one of the few maxims in which I believe wholeheartedly—brand loyalty is for suckers!—I’m on the hunt for another webmail service.**

Nothing fancy: I just want me tabs. Me fuckin’ tabs.


*Yes, I did send them a comment asking for the tabs back. I’m not optimistic—when am I ever—but I thought if there’s a chance they could bring ’em back, or if there’s a way to turn ’em on in the current version, then why not.

**Free, of course. You could make the argument that if it’s free I got nothin’ to bitch about but I would respond thusly: a) I can always bitch about anything—you know this about me, don’t you? b) Companies brag about the superiority of their free email services, so it’s even-steven to check that alleged superiority; and c) Some or most, including GMX, place ads in the mail. It’s annoying, and means that “free” is really “free*”, but it seems not unreasonable that if I don’t want to pony up real cash money, then I pay in ad space. Perhaps some day I will pony up, but for now, I’m looking for “free”, with or without asterisk.




3 responses

19 05 2014

Lots of products change just for the sake of change. It never gets old.

20 05 2014

drop me a line if you change @

20 05 2014

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