Love the one you’re with

8 06 2014

I know we’re supposed to love our bodies, accept our imperfections, and work on being fit rather than on being thin.


Nothing like staring at oneself in a mirror under overhead fluorescent lights in a dressing room at an Old Navy to make an old broad want to give up eating.





3 responses

8 06 2014

I had a good thing going and then depression and its accompanying medication made me kinda doughy. Hang tough.

9 06 2014
10 06 2014

tcb: Yeah, I was cruisin’ this past fall, running and biking and lifting weights and feeling good—then something (dunno what) happened in late Dec/early January and I just went backward. I could still lift and bike, but I was generally wiped, and running was OUT.

I feel a bit better so I’m going to try running this week, to see if I’m able, but man, these past months have sucked.

“Hang tough”. Yep, right back atcha. Whatchagottado.

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