All things weird and wonderful, 41

12 07 2014

A two-fer, but really, the same idea:

On land:

And under the sea:

This is our world!

How little we know of it, of the creatures within it, of our own place in all of it.


h/t Cute Overload (& again)




3 responses

12 07 2014

I was thinking earlier; I found your blog quite some time ago (like maybe 6 months or more, not sure) and probably under the ‘musing’ tag, read your about because I recalled the ‘fuck up’ and the many cities when I read it just recently. Anyway, I don’t know much about you but wouldn’t call you a fuck up, for what it’s worth. This wordpress can be a lonely place so just letting you know I care. [also doesn’t hurt I agree with you politically :)]

12 07 2014

the scarey critters are the all too familiar ones:

14 07 2014

@tcb: Aww, thanks. And yeah, I am a fuck-up, but I can live with that. Yeah, I can definitely live with that—which is not something I could always say.

It’s just, it’s all life, that’s all.

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