Exposing every weakness

24 11 2014

Break out the champagne: I told myself that I would finish grading the research papers over the weekend—and I finished grading the research papers over the weekend!

Well, okay, I had two to do tonight (finished before 9!), but, c’mon, I’m givin’ myself the win.

What I am not mentioning, of course, is that I had the papers for 10 days before I sat down to grade them, and that had I really been on the ball, I’d have either gotten these puppies marked last week or graded a few every night so that a weekend grading flurry would have been unnecessary.

A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha—“graded a few every night”—like that would ever happen!

I get shit done, I do, but pretty much only when I have to. At some point “two weeks” fixed itself in my noggin as a reasonable deadline for returning papers, so ever since then, I take two weeks to grade, even if I end up doing all of the grading a day or two before that deadline.

More-or-less finishing the papers two whole (well, okay, not really whole, as I didn’t put down the pencil until Sunday night, and, y’know, that whole 2-papers-on-Monday-thing, but go with me, here, people) days before I hand them back?

I feel like the goddamn Batman of grading.