Monday, Monday

2 02 2015

It’s a Monday in February, so how about some beached cats?


Her seal pose

This does not look comfortable to me.

This does not look comfortable to me.

Washed up by the pink sea on a teal beach.

Washed up by the pink sea on a teal beach.

All appendages accounted for.

All appendages accounted for.

That pink blanket, by the way, should probably be relegated to the closet, but I am a damned sentimentalist stubborn about some things: that’s the blanket that was on my bed as kid.

Anyway, Jasper seems to like it.




3 responses

3 02 2015

Hahaha! These are too funny. The second one reminds me of my sister, Ethel. I would suggest you submit these photos for Katzenworld’s Tummy Rub Tuesday, but the exposure might go to their heads like it did for Ethel and then you’ll have an insurrection on your hands!

4 02 2015

My beautiful little kitties try to TAKE MY FACE OFF whenever I even think of rubbing their bellehs.

21 03 2015

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