Now make some dollars

9 03 2015

apple watch header





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9 03 2015

Gabriella Coleman @BiellaColeman · 4h 4 hours ago
*Every* time I come home, my dog sniffs the heck out my old school casio watch & I say, smell that terrorism. #AppleWatch cant match that.

9 03 2015

I’m wondering if these will take off or not. On the positive side, a person doesn’t have to take out their phone for a few things, and ‘a few’ is often good enough for having a whole new device. On the negative it’s a watch and just another thing you have to charge frequently. It’s not something I’ll have either way, so whatever.

10 03 2015

while the press covers this kind of bread&circuses the christianist assault on women continues:

10 03 2015

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