On Wisconsin

5 04 2015

Such a hypocrite, I am.

I don’t like the NCAA, don’t like the outsized role Division I sports plays at colleges and universities, think athletes should get paid and insured, believe that NCAA exploits the athletes in football and men’s basketball, and generally think that if the NFL and the NBA want minor league teams they oughtta pay for those teams themselves.

I would support the University of Wisconsin dropping out of the NCAA and fielding only club teams.

I have more-or-less stopped following football and hockey—a decision reinforced by concerns over traumatic brain injury—and am generally not a fan of basketball.

But can I tell you that I’ve checked the sports pages throughout the men’s tournament, and spent the morning reading report after report on the team’s win over Kentucky and its advancement to the championship game (even as I know that a week from now whether they win or lose won’t matter)?

But that tomorrow night I am sorely tempted to go sit my hypocritical ass on a barstool somewhere, watch the game, and scream


Yep yep yep. . . .
Image: HarperCollins



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6 04 2015
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