Circus Maximus MMXVI: Wrecking ball

13 07 2015

No surprise, but the man who’s been befouling my home state has finally made it official:

Walker announcement

Gott im himmel, I’ve got to find some way to talk about this bastard without losing my mind. And if he actually gets the nomination*, I. . . I. . . fuck, I will either have to refrain from blogging altogether, or just go tits-out and plaster this joint with


*Which means I’ve got to hope—now there’s a word I don’t often use in conjunction with Republican politicians—some other GOPper palooka takes him out.




2 responses

15 07 2015

i don’t think he’ll beat bush3rd but i would like him to, i say let’s give the people as striking a contrast as we can and see where the chips fall…

19 07 2015

Bit embarrassing for sure, for us cheese heads. On the other hand we’d be rid of the rotten SOB. Now that he’s gone national, some good journalist will put together all the rotten dirty things he is, and he will be sent to exile in shame.

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